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Confluence is real estate management platform that delivers integrated solutions through every stage of the real estate process. No matter what request an investor demand, Confluence’s strategic principles remain the same:

  • Maximizing the value of the investment by enhancing the capital value and/or improving the operating cash flow
  • Preservation of capital through disciplined risk management while retaining the flexibility that delivers robust returns

Asset Management


Confluence’s asset management approach combines strategic portfolio planning with tactical, property-level business planning for assets in different stages of their life cycle. It relies on balancing and managing costs, opportunities and risks against the desired performance of assets and Client`s objectives. We are using research and analytics, as well as our strategic liaison with retailers to provide and ensure:

  • Right Concept defined for an asset
  • Strategic positioning and/or repositioning of the asset
  • Development of visual identity
  • Development of custom communications platform
  • Portfolio/asset life cost optimization
  • Capital refurbishment planning and management
  • Substantial asset revenue growth
  • Refinancing and restructuring debt
  • In-depth market research and actionable analytics
  • Right decisions for maximizing asset value

Property Management


Confluence has a well-established platform, combining diverse disciplines, to provide full spectrum of Property Management services which include:

  • Tenant mix planning
  • Leasing Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Lease Administration and Adherence
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Invoicing & Bad Debt Collection
  • Operations Management
  • Third Parties Coordination / External Service Providers
  • Tenant Coordination
  • Facility Management
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Marketing Activities Implementation
  • Public Relations
  • Business Planning and Reporting

Development Consulting Services


Future success of each retail project starts with thorough planning and making right choices. New project or refurbishment, empty land or occupied plot, relocation or expansion – Confluence has the ability to provide investors with turn-key solutions for their project development.

Confluence has and will combine professional expertise, best practices, process controls and experience, to address client`s real estate project needs. Our team of architects, business planners, property managers, leasing agents and engineering specialists will work together with you every step of the way, to deliver project objectives. Through full-scale analysis of the location, demographic potential, macro and micro economy, to detailed planning of concept, content and design, Confluence will ensure the best fit for each building or location and will lead projects from inception to successful completion and sale.



Earning optimal returns on real estate investments requires more than merely filling vacancies. It begins with a firm grasp of what kind of space the most desirable tenants want and what they will pay for it. And this requires developing long-term relationships with current and potential market entrants. Confluence has taken this approach to all aspects of its leasing practice, which is why it has established its reputation as the most knowledgeable real estate firms on the market today.

Through detailed tenant mix strategies, optimal tenant placement analyses, and out-of-the box approaches, no matter how old or what type of asset you own, Confluence will bring a strategic, proactive leasing approach to your real estate assets fulfilling both short-term needs and long-term goals, so that you can focus on continuous financial growth. Whether you’re a first time developed or seasoned real estate investor, that’s the way Confluence will go to work for you.

Purchase and sale advisory


Confluence’s experienced teams possess in-depth analytical and commercial knowledge that fully support investors needs in times of disposing or acquiring a property. Led by one of our key principles, maximizing the value of the investments, we are perfectly positioned to ensure delivery of essential investors’ requests.

Confluence’s platform is not merely based on our previous experience, but coupled with local market knowledge and extensive relationships with current and future investors. This combination will ensure that Confluence will secure untapped avenues for sale, securing the highest valuation available in the market.

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